About Us

Make-In is an artisan workshop for the production and sale of high quality souvenirs and gadgets, made in Italy and exclusively with eco-sustainable materials.

With a creative and original approach, with respect and love for the planet, we create entirely customizable gadegts in marble, wood and paper. Our young and motivated team is committed to satisfying the customer in all its requests, creating an exclusive and eco-friendly products.

With two shops in the center of Rome and in the old Nice, Make-In already working with more than 100 selected stores, with international companies such as Lagardère, Arteum Service, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Culture Espaces, Vatican Museum, Paul Getty Museum, Maxxi and many other museums in Rome, Israel Museum and over 16 corner shops in the most important italian airports.

We do everything you want, even in small quantities and we ship quickly all over the world.

Our philosophy is do it yourself, or better do it togheter.